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The mission of FRAPA – the Format Recognition and Protection Association – is, quite simply, to be the home of international format business by providing protection and information for producers, creators and distributors all over the world. Founded in 2000 at the “dawn” of the current reality television explosion, FRAPA came into being when formats grew from a boutique business into a global, multi-billion dollar industry responsible for many of the biggest entertainment brands on earth.

FRAPA LATAM report 2016
The report, ‘Understanding Latin America: Current Trends in the TV Market’ produced in conjunction with K7 Media and Prensario Internacional shows an accurate, informed and unbiased picture of the current marketplace, distribution structures and creative players, and highlights the future direction of the region’s TV industry.

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In November 2014 FRAPA’S CODE OF CONDUCT was introduced, established by the members of the board. All members in good standing will abide by the principals, values and rules of behavior as set forth below. More on the Code of Conduct can be read here.

Download the up-to-date FRAPA Code of Conduct 4 March 2015.



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