Welcome to FRAPA: Leading association in TV format recognition and protection


The mission of FRAPA – the Format Recognition and Protection Association – is, quite simply, to be the home of international format business by providing protection and information for producers, creators and distributors all over the world. Founded in 2000 at the “dawn” of the current reality television explosion, FRAPA came into being when formats grew from a boutique business into a global, multi-billion dollar industry responsible for many of the biggest entertainment brands on earth.


FRAPA continues to evolve alongside the industry it represents, expanding its suite of services to reflect the format industry’s ever-changing needs, it has refined its mediation and registration services, added a unique price calculator to its website, issued the definitive survey on the global trade in television formats and established its Annual Format Awards ceremony as one of the most respected acknowledgements of creative achievement in the format world.

By protecting and representing the interest of its members, FRAPA has helped to create the formats industry as we know it today. It has played a key role in helping the wider entertainment business understand the concept of intellectual property.


In November 2014 FRAPA’S CODE OF CONDUCT was introduced, established by the members of the board. All members in good standing will abide by the principals, values and rules of behavior as set forth below. FRAPA is a global organization dedicated to the understanding and respect of original formats and their creators. Protecting originality, adjudicating disputes, registering ideas and providing industry-standard information are other important areas where FRAPA seeks to advise and provide assistance to its members.

March 4, 2015 – FRAPA announces that a new article has been added to the Code of Conduct. Read more on the Code of Conduct.

Download the up-to-date FRAPA Code of Conduct 4 March 2015.

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This year FRAPA celebrates its 15th anniversary!   

Over the past 15 years, FRAPA has worked tirelessly to promote the protection and the recognition of format rights. In short, FRAPA’s services and events include: mediation, specific online tools such as a bible and contract generator, format price calculator, Format awards, access to Reports on the international tv-industry and FRAPA’s online FRS (format registration system).



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