Benefits of FRAPA membership

FRAPA is since 2000 the organization for the  registration and protection of your most important asset — your intellectual property.

But there are many other benefits of being a FRAPA member. Here are 8 other good reasons:

  • Register your format in our FRS system.
  • In case your format has been infringed we provide the FRAPA ANALYSIS SERVICE. This is a service for members only. We analyse the two formats and you will receive an official report that could be used in court.
  • You will have exclusive access to our business tools: Format Guide, Bible Generator, Contract Generator, Budget Guideline and Industry Reports.
  • You will benefit from our Global Network of industry relationships and expertise, through our members only networking events.
  • You will have access to direct telephone/skype advice on creative, economic and protection issues from our world-class board members.
  • You will be part of a community that stands by the message of our Code of Conduct for an industry-wide best practices.
  • But above all, being a member of FRAPA – and displaying our logo – is a signal to the industry that you are an honorable company.
  • FRAPA is a stamp of trust and approval for you and your business.

EU legislation

FRAPA falls within the remit of Dutch and European legislation. Companies with offices in countries where sanctions are applicable are not allowed to carry out financial transactions between the company and FRAPA.  FRAPA promotes however free speech worldwide and will advice everyone embracing freedom of speech.

FRAPA members pay an annual subscription fee. The fee for membership depends on the annual turnover of the company. Please indicate which membership you are applying for. Tick the appropriate box.

Annual turn-over (in EUR)

Annual Fee

 € 500 (€ 166.67 from Sep. 24th 2020 until end of 2020) € 1.000 (€ 333.33 from Sep. 24th 2020 until end of 2020) € 2.000 (€ 666.67 from Sep. 24th 2020 until end of 2020) € 5.000 (€ 1666.67 from Sep. 24th 2020 until end of 2020)

Any additional occuring international transfer costs are at the member’s expense.
Please advise your financial department to take this into account.

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Benefits of becoming a member

Register your formats with FRAPA’s Online Format Registry at a reduced fee.

Get access to the unique and exclusive FRAPA Format Price Calculator and check what your format is worth.

Benefit from FRAPA’s tried, trusted and cost-effective non-legal mediation in format disputes/rip-offs