1. General

By accessing or using FRAPA’s services you are bound by the following Terms and Conditions.

If you do not agree with any part of the following terms you may not access the service.

FRAPA is administered from Naarden. If our services are accessed from a location outside of the Netherlands, you are responsible for complying with local laws.


2. FRAPA membership

FRAPA membership is proprietary (including freelance entrepreneurs without personnel) and gives you access to, and discounts on, all of FRAPA’s services, advices and communication resources.

A company can only become a member under its own company name/brand. If a company represents other companies as well, these represented companies are not automatically a FRAPA member. If an organisation would like to become  a member for all the companies which are owned by this organisation it needs to apply for a group membership. For more details contact [email protected]


3.Services and resources provided:

As a FRAPA member you will be entitled to use the following services:

i. The Format Registration Service

ii. The Format Analysis Service for a discount rate

iii. FRAPA’s online and telephone helpdesk to which you can post all your format-related questions.

And also all other services accessible via our website.


4. Becoming a Member of FRAPA

Membership is available to all companies or freelancers within the international format industry.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and legally able to enter into a binding contract.

Your application must -upon request- be accompanied by your registration number secured at your own national Chamber of Commerce/Company Register.

If your company has been convicted for an infringement in the past, you can only become a member after due evaluation by the FRAPA Board. The FRAPA Management Board reserves the right to refuse membership to any company and shall explain in writing the background of its decision. It is not possible to appeal.


5. FRAPA goals

By becoming a member of FRAPA, you agree to adhere to the organisation’s fundamental tenets as established in its statutes and the Code of Conduct


6. Duration membership
Your membership is for the following period: the moment of application until the end of the year, December 31st.The membership is renewed automatically each year for an additional year.


7. Change of address or contact information
Change of address and changes in the contact information we have on file for you must be communicated to us as promptly as possible. FRAPA cannot be held responsible if these changes are conveyed too late.


8. Standard conditions re: payment of membership contribution

Your annual contribution must be paid in advance. Any international banking costs are at the member’s expense.

Should you apply for membership during the course of the year, you shall pay the contribution for the remaining months of that year, calculated on a pro rata basis. The year(s) after, you will be paying a contribution fee for the entire calendar year.

You will receive an invoice annually. Payments are to be remitted within four weeks. You are also able to authorize us to secure payment through direct debit.


9. Amount of membership contribution
You/your company pays a contribution on the basis of its annual turnover. Upon request you are obliged to send a copy of your annual financial report by email to [email protected] by no later than May 1st of any given year to enable us to adjust the contribution if necessary.

FRAPA retains the right to control this information and request it at its own initiative.

Any possible costs this may entail will be at the member’s expense.


10. Adjustments to the cost of FRAPA membership or terms and conditions
FRAPA Management Board has the right to adjust the contribution scales and/or terms and conditions of FRAPA membership each year as of January 1st. Changes will be communicated at the next Members Meeting.  Changes are published no later than November 1st on both the website and in the newsletter.


11. Terminating membership
If you wish to terminate your membership, please inform us of such in writing and include your membership number.

Please send it via registered mail to FRAPA at Gooimeer 4-15, 1411 DC Naarden, The Netherlands or via email to [email protected], including your digital signature.

We must be in receipt of your termination request prior to November 1st. If you send us your notification later than November 1st you will remain a member for the next year.

You will remain a member until the end of the current calendar year. The remainder of the membership fee paid for this calendar year will not be refunded. The advantages linked to the membership will expire on January 1st.


12. Overdue membership contribution payments
FRAPA will send you notices for due payments.

FRAPA has the right to charge the legal rate of interest in the case of overdue payment.

In addition we will charge you any collection costs incurred.

Any and all advantages linked to the membership will expire until you have paid in full.

In the meantime, we retain the right to temporarily refuse you all FRAPA services.

If you are behind in your payments for a period exceeding three months, we have the right to terminate your membership.

The remainder of the paid contribution for the current membership year will not be refunded.

The outstanding amount owed to FRAPA remains payable.


13. Legal disputes
Possible legal disputes and conflicts, including payments overdue, will be decided according to the laws of the country in which the association is registered.


14. Voting rights
Being a member of FRAPA entitles you to the right to vote. During the annual Members Meeting, you are able to utilise this right.


15. Endorsement of statutes
In becoming a member of FRAPA, you agree to uphold the statutes of the association. These are specified on our site


16. Personal data & Privacy
In the context of its services, FRAPA records your personal information when you sign up for FRAPA membership. We will delete all contact information two years after you resigned according to our privacy statement which is compliant to the privacy legislation in force. Our privacy statement can be found at


17. Mergers and takeovers
Should your company merge with another company, be acquired by another company or in otherwise undergo a change in structure or legal statutes, the FRAPA membership will be transferred to the new organizational/corporate form and the rights and obligations associated with the membership will remain.


FRAPA 2018 – last update May 24th 2018