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All members in good standing will abide by the principals, values and rules of behavior as set forth below. FRAPA is a global organization dedicated to the understanding and respect of original formats and their creators. Protecting originality, adjudicating disputes, registering ideas and providing industry-standard information are other important areas where FRAPA seeks to advise and provide assistance to its members.

1. Pledge to adhere to the mission of FRAPA

All members join sharing a global vision of format rights and protection.

We are fully involved in the mission of the organization and spread the message through our own professional examples.

2. Respect the rights of each and every member

Whether an individual or a company, FRAPA seeks to respect the creative, cultural and business practices of its members. As such, it will attempt to provide unbiased expertise when advising our members and stakeholders.

3. Set an example for others, whether members or not

In an industry where no legal regulations consistently and clearly define what a format is and how it can be protected, members will advocate for the value of original formats and against theft. Members will  respect the intellectual property of others in a prudent and lawful way, providing global leadership to others in the creative industry.

4. Establish global industry standards

Working together, FRAPA members will establish international standards – not legal advice but best practice guidelines – for the protection and advancement of formats. We will share our collective expertise and passion for formats, hoping to create an environment of shared values, dignity and respect.

5. Share opinions, but be ruled by facts

The creative arts are subjective by design. Opinions vary. FRAPA members will share information, trends, information and opinions, but as a group will dedicate themselves to only serve the facts. It is every member’s duty to avoid false accusations and insinuations, and to guard against conflict. When FRAPA is asked for its judgment, we will focus on principles, values, facts and credible data.

6. Help each other

As members we will help each other in our work, fostering a collective spirit of enterprise, initiative and collaboration, recognizing that there is strength in our unity.

7. Be open in our communication

We acknowledge the importance of respectful communication within our organization, to the general membership, and to the industry at large. We pledge to communicate promptly and courteously, treating others only as we would wish to be treated ourselves.

 8. Promote the organization

In every situation where this is necessary and appropriate, FRAPA members will explain the work of the organization and what the organization can do for the industry in general, and for other members specifically.

9. Contribute Wisdom

Each member will make a creative contribution to the organization, devoting time, energy, expertise and ideas to help fuel its growth.

10. Pay dues on time

An organization is only sustainable if every member takes its financial contributions seriously. Don’t forget to pay your dues in a timely fashion. For all members, let integrity serve as the basis for every decision you make when it comes to the world of formats.


The Code of Conduct (2014) established by the FRAPA General Board of Members Amsterdam | Cannes, October 12th 2014