1. The Service

The FRAPA Format Registration System (hereinafter referred to as “The FRS”) is an online system whereby you are able to register your television format.

Your format will be held in a digital database. Members are entitled to register formats, receive proof of their registration, upload changes to their registered formats and upload unlimited video material. Access is provided via your own personal password.

Non-members are entitled to register formats and receive proof of registration.


  1. Disclaimer

The registration of formats with the FRS is at your sole responsibility.  FRAPA, the staff, co workers,  board nor any other legal  FRAPA representative can be hold responsible for any damage in any kind  at any time that might occur to individuals, companies, goods or services  or any other enitity.  You are deemed solely responsible for the registration of your formats with the FRS and for the digital access to your already registered formats.

Registration with the FRS is not a guarantee of copyright protection, nor a substitute for legal advice, but a potential aid for legal protection.

FRAPA/The FRS cannot be held responsible for the content or quality of the registration nor of the quality of your password.


  1. General

FRAPA is headquartered in the Netherlands and therefore subject to Dutch law. If this service is accessed from a location outside of the Netherlands, you are responsible for complying with local laws.


  1. Registering Your Format

Formats are registered via a form on the FRAPA website (www.frapa.org).  Price and options of the service for members and non members are published at the website of FRAPA and approved by the Management Board.


  1. Duration of Registration

After you have registered a format (or a revisions), you will receive a certificate confirming your registration or revision. Your format including all attached documents or material will be saved within the FRS for 3 years from the date of confirmation of your registration. Prior to the end of this period the format right owner will receive a notice as to whether you’d like to extend your registration. Should the registration not be extended, or if FRAPA does not receive an answer to the notification within three months, the registration will be removed and deleted. The notification will be send to the email address which is connected to the registration and/or the membership.


  1. Removal of Registration

FRAPA reserves the right to remove any registered formats if registration fees are not being paid for . This also applies for the situation in which the membership terms and conditions (accessible also via the FRAPA website and approved by the Members meeting April 2015) ) are not complied with. FRAPA  reserves the right to remove any registered formats and for which the discount membership FRS fee has been paid, if membership fees are overdue for more than a period of three months.


  1. Access To The FRS

The online system, trademark and name are the property of FRAPA.

Formats within the FRS are stored within a secure, digital environment that meets the appropriate and up to date form of security for this service.

Besides the company who has registered the format, access to the FRS database has been granted to a limited and registered number of individuals appointed by the Management  Board of FRAPA.  The access is only allowed for ICT maintenance or financial administrative purposes. All of those who have been provided with access to the system have signed a non-disclosure agreement stating they are not in any way permitted to comment or provide information regarding the content of the format to individuals other than the format owner.

The format owner is responsible for the quality of the password.


  1. Definition format ‘owner’ in The FRS

The owner of the registration in the FRS is the company who registered the format. If for any reason you should lost your certificate only the person which name is mentioned in the registration form is able to request for a copy, or,  if this person is no longer working in the company, the owner or CEO of the company. The company needs to hand over a legal file which proves that a certain person is an official representative of the company.  FRAPA can charge a fee for administration up to 100 euro for every request for a copy of the certificate or the format that has been registered. We strongly recommend that the CEO and/or official registered owner of the company registers the format in the FRS system to avoid extra administration.

In the case the registration has been done by a private person without a legal business entity the owner of the registration will be the person who registered the format.


Approved by the Management Board FRAPA, December 2013 and adjusted January 2018

Naarden, FRAPA/FRS,  [email protected]