In 2009 FRAPA published a comprehensive report on the global format industry. “FRAPA Report; TV Formats to the World” was compiled in association with the global TV research agency The WIT and TV Sisters, a journalistic office that provides international programme research to German producers and broadcasters.

Ute Biernat, Chairman at that time of FRAPA and CEO of GRUNDY Light Entertainment points out the importance of the 2009 report: “In view of all the changes that have taken place over the past years – changes in technology, genre and geography – it became clear to us that the format industry needed a new roadmap. We felt we needed to take a fresh look at what’s happening out there in the wider world and how these trends are shaping and driving our business.

The format business is blossoming and new players entered the market over the last years. The report  traced the dramatic changes over the years 2006-2008.

Main Findings

  • The number of traded formats has substantially increased. During our research period, a total of 445 original formats found their way  to foreign screens. In the first FRAPA study on the format trade covering the years 2002 – 2004, there were 259.
  • The production volume generated by traded formats has grown from 6.4bn Euro for the years 2002-2004 to approximately 9.3bn Euro.
  • The UK is still leading in the number of exported formats, followed by the USA, The Netherlands and Argentina, in that order
  • Countries such as Germany, Spain and Italy, which were not particularly proactive in format exports, meanwhile jumped on the bandwagon and are now keen to improve their format business with promising results already in evidence.  Even Japan, a self-sufficient giant, is showing a growing interest in the format trade
  • Format global heavyweights such as Endemol and Fremantle face growing competition from many new players; most recently several US studios invested heavily in local production abroad as well as their format distribution businesses.
  • Talent shows, studio game and quiz shows are the top earning genres, along with makeover/coaching shows. The sales in such scripted formats as dramas and telenovelas are growing.

Here you can read an extract of the FRAPA Report 2009.

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