The FRAPA Analysis Service provides a comparison between two formats to judge if one format could be seen as a copy of another format.

This service is a world class facility using the FRAPA analysis methodology overseen by acknowledged experts with decades of experience in all parts of the format business.

Courts of law can be unpredictable when it comes to formats and copyright and are swayed by many different considerations in format disputes. FRAPA’s Analysis Service looks at the heart of the matter – is one format an (unauthorized) copy of another?

Please note that the Format Analysis Service can be an important but only one step in proving the ownership of your work. Within this service we do not compare the formats with already existing formats. At the moment there is not a worldwide library of registered formats.

The analysis can be used in court and the value is in the comparison of the key elements of formats.

The FAS is available for members only. For information about the service, conditions and additional costs please contact [email protected]

Here you can find the Terms and Conditions of the FAS.