C21Media/ FRAPA International Format Awards

Cologne, 11th of October, 2010. C21Media and FRAPA (Format Recognition and Protection Association) presented on Wednesday night the international format awards in Cannes for the fourth time. There were around 100 formats to vote for, across six categories – from UK, Dutch and US giants as well as smaller firms from Israel, Scandinavia, Denmark, France and Canada.

The winners were selected by C21’s 35,000 strong community of executives from the worldwide content industry.

The 2010 winning formats are:Best Competition Reality Format: Three in a bed (All3Media)

Best Comedy Format: Benidorm Bastards (SevenOne International)

Best Multi-Platform Format: Final Punishment (beActive Entertainment)

Best Factual Entertainment: The Fairy Jobmother (All3Media)

Best Studio-Based Gameshow: Minute to Win (NBC Universal)

Best Scripted Format: Ezel (Sparks Networks)

Best Brand-Generated Format: HP Space (ice-TV)

Formats pioneer Reg Grundy was honoured for his contribution to the business in the C21Media/FRAPA Format Awards 2010 and received the Gold Award. The Gold Award was sponsored by MIPCOM in recognition of the importance formats play within the international entertainment landscape. It was presented by Laurine Garaude, Reed Midem’s television director.

Ute Biernat, chair of FRAPA and CEO of GRUNDY Light Entertainment, said: “Reg Grundy has always been a creator, producer and protector of TV formats. His passion for this business is incredibly strong. I am proud and happy that this award is honouring his amazing career.”