How does the FRAPA Registration System (FRS) work?
When you login to the FRS you can register your format. You have to fill in the genre, title, description of the format etc. In this way, you will be asked to write down a bible of your format instead of only a title or an idea. This gives your format the best protection.

I am having problems with filling in the questions as being asked by FRS.
When you go to the icon bible-generator, you will learn how to write down your concept in an developed format bible. The more details that you register, the better the protection. As a member of FRAPA you have the benefit of this unique tool.

Can I upload more details afterwards, once I have registered?
At this moment it is not possible to do so. But we are working on the system to enable this in the future.

Does registering my format with the FRS means that I am fully protected against theft of my format or infringement of copyright?
Registering itself does not help to prevent it from being ‘taken’ by someone or by another company. However, it is an important step in the process of protection. With the registration, it means that you receive a statement of FRS with a date and a unique registration number. This is important data in the case that you would need to go to court.

Does mentioning registered by FRS when communicating my format to others help?
It could help in the sense that you show others that you have already claimed the idea in a legally accepted way. When you have successfully completed your registration, you will receive an icon that you can use in order to communicate to others that you registered your format with FRS.
This format is registered in FRAPA REGISTRATION SYSTEM
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What happens with my format within FRS once it is registered?
The format is placed in a database which you can only be accessed by a few persons within the nonprofit organization FRAPA who are given the exclusive authority by the legal representatives of the association. This means that it is a closed database. FRS distinguishes itself against other available commercial registration systems.

How much does it cost?
When you are a member of FRAPA it costs € 75,00. As a non-member you pay € 150,00.