Benefits of the FRAPA Online Format Registry

The Online Format Registry offers the same safeguards as the FRAPA Paper Format Registry, but with further advantages – notably immediate evidence that you created your work at a certain moment in time.
Other advantages of registering your work with the  Online Format Registry include:

  • the ability to register your format within seconds of its creation from your own computer;
  • the ability to register work from any location;
  • a secure internet environment, with legally accepted encryption and digital fingerprint;
  • 100% confidentiality, since registered formats cannot be read or recreated by FRAPA or any other third party;
  • reduced risk of theft, since the actual format remains on the computer of the registrant;
  • the use of registered formats in a court of law as evidence of copyright;
  • no time limitation on FRAPA-registered formats;
  • confirmation of your registration is received within minutes.


Since the Online FRS has proven to be very successfull, FRAPA decided in June 2014 that Paper Formats are no longer accepted at the FRAPA headquarters.


April 23, 2013: The system is currently under construction.

At this moment it is only possible to register a paper format. See at paper format

FRAPA Online Format Registry under law

Registering your format with the FRAPA Online Format Registry does not produce the same effect as registering your format with a copyright office. Registration with the Online Format Registry establishes the validity of a work’s date of existence, which will be presumed to be true unless disproved by evidence to the contrary.

However, FRAPA registration does provide you with one vital benefit: it creates evidence that can be used in the event of a plagiarism dispute, the outcome of which may depend on which party can persuade the court they created a format first.

How to register your format

To register your format with the FRAPA  Online Format Registry, you must insert a copyright notice in each draft or document. A proper copyright notice contains:

  • the word ‘copyright’, or the abbreviation for the word copyright (©);
  • the name of the copyright owner;
  • the date of the first publication and/or registration.

You do not need to be a FRAPA member to register a format with the  Online Format Registry. However, as a FRAPA member, you will receive a considerable discount (for more information, see Prices/Fees).
Files that have been registered with the  Online Format Registry will be stored at the registry server. You will not be required to pay an annual fee or a ‘refresher’ fee for registered material.

Ideally, you should register your creative work at the earliest possible stage of the writing process. At each level of format development, you should register your work to strengthen the proof that you have created a unique and individual format.

Remember: the most effective way to protect your format is to document and register every step of its development.