FRS 2018 Fee Registration Fee Updates

(per change)

Features Term  of Registration Fee renewal

After three years

Members 75 Free of charge Upload video limitless 3 year 50   
Non members 150                Update not possible Not possible to upload video 3 year 150


All rates are excluding international banking costs (these are to be added to the total amount).


We welcome creators, producers, distributors and broadcasters to register their tv-formats onto the specially developed FRS online.

How does it work?

You can register your creative work by uploading treatments, scripts, story lines, etc online. For FRAPA members it is also possible to upload video, audio etc. We recommend that you include as much detail in the descriptions as possible.  Once the tv-format has been uploaded (and paid for), the registration will be approved. You will receive an automated certificate via email, which confirms details such as the date of registration, title of the format and the format owner.

Ideally, you should register your creative work at the earliest possible stage of the writing process. At each level of format development, you should register your work. The most effective way to protect your format is to document and register every step of its development. That is possible via the FRS.

What is the value of your registration?

FRAPA’s format registry offers you tools to prove that your registered work existed the moment you created it. Please note that Format Registration is an important but only one step in proving the ownership of your work. FRS does not compare registered formats or compares the FRS registered formats with already existing formats. At the moment there is not a worldwide library of registered formats. The FRS registration can be used in court and the value is in the date of the registration. A registration as such does not confirm ownership or creative originality.
In case of a possible infringement you need to prove that the formats show critical resemblance. FRAPA can provide a Format Analysis Report in which it analyzes the differences and resemblances of the two formats.

Both FRAPA members as well as non-members can register. For members it is also possible to update the format and to upload video material.

Non-members pay € 150,=. Members pay only € 75,= per registration.

For more details about registration we refer to our FAQ.

Here you can find the Terms and Conditions of the FRS.