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The expression and promotion of creativity is a universally recognized benefit to humanity. Artistic authenticity manifests in different ways in different cultures, but at its root are core values that entertain, inspire, challenge and provoke. Writers, directors, performers, producers, crafts people, production companies, distributors and platforms all over the world benefit themselves and society from a healthy and constant flow of ideas.

Intellectual property is the basis upon which a global economic industry grows and prospers in virtually every country on earth. It is vital to the continued health and welfare of this vibrant and valuable contribution to society that the continued exchange of creativity, from both a commercial and philosophical standpoint, be nurtured and protected.


In order to advise, exchange and collaborate, we hold the following creative truths to be self-evident:

  1. It is the right of anyone anywhere to create a work of fiction or non-fiction.
  2. There is no limit to the media or method by which creativity can be expressed.
  3. The ideas of the artist are good and valuable and have inherent monetary value.
  4. The value of a created work is negotiable but sacrosanct to the integrity of the global intellectual property industry.
  5. The means of creation, execution, sales and distribution vary from nation to nation, from platform to platform, but all methods now known or yet to be invented must allow for the respect and remuneration of the creators and manufacturers.
  6. Intellectual property is a protectable idea and should never be infringed upon by outright copying or theft. Do not rip someone off.
  7. A healthy global industry centered on creativity must be open and free-flowing, respecting international contract standards and timely payment.
  8. Legal disputes must be addressed in a mutually respectful manner, where both large and small creators and companies behave with transparency and honor.
  9. Trade barriers that protect one side may in fact harm another side and are to be avoided.
  10. A healthy global industry based on integrity and the free flow of commercial interests will lift all boats and serve to provide a solid foundation for the growth of business everywhere.

We, the undersigned members of the global intellectual property industry, engaged in the creation, acquisition, sales, execution and distribution of content, pledge to uphold these values on a going-forth basis, and will work with private and public institutions to foster a better understanding and establish guidelines and procedures to protect, preserve and trade ideas around the world.

General Board FRAPA, Cannes, October 16th 2018