FRAPA is a non-profit organization and all board-members in FRAPA work for free to protect and serve the format-industry which we all love to work in. The Board consists of a management board and a steering committee. Together they form the General Board. The management board conducts FRAPA’s day-to-day business, sets and controls its budget and gives consultancy and advice to FRAPA members. The General Board as a whole creates FRAPA´s policy and supervise, advise and support the activities of the management board.

The General Board can invite persons to accept the FRAPA AMBASSADOR title. A FRAPA AMBASSADOR is a leading professional in the format industry who devoted his/her time and knowledge to FRAPA for more than five years and  by this have contributed to significant changes and/or outstanding projects in the format industry. FRAPA AMBASSADORS can only be appointed by the General Board and needs to be the result of an unanimous decision.

FRAPA Management Board

Phil Gurin

President The Gurin Company

Co-Chairman since March 2015 | board member since 2010

“FRAPA exists to keep the format business from turning into the Wild West. Protecting the rights of both creators and their formats is absolutely important to the future health of our industry.”


Jan Salling

BBC Studios Nordics

Co-chairman since March 2015 | board member since 2012

“Formats move market shares and the best ones can be game changers. In a world rapidly becoming more fragmented and competitive – FRAPA will do it´s outmost to protect your rights and interests. Join us!”

Lisette vDiepen headshot

Lisette van Diepen

Talpa & Monday Media

Board member since April 2015

“FRAPA is a non-profit, neutral body whose mission is to protect the lifeblood of our industry: ideas and creativity.”

Mike Beale headshot 2015

Mike Beale

MD Global Creative Network, ITV Studios

Board member since April 2015


Bianca Rootsaert

Managing Director NCV

FRAPA General Board

KLB Headshot 2015 small

Keri Lewis Brown

Managing Director K7Media
Board member since 2014


Nicolás Smirnoff

Director Prensario Internacional
Board member since 2009

“FRAPA means not only formats right protection, but also to develop the format industry and to be connected with key players of the production business. FRAPA can be a friendly bridge to be involved.”


Vivian Yin

Board member since 2013

“Since the day of the travelling of the first idea, a whole new chapter began in our industry. FRAPA was born and is still striving to keep your precious idea guarded and to keep the landscape diversified and in good order.  Join us to shape our mutual future.”

Andrea Jackson

Managing Director, Magnify Media
Board Member since September 2015

“A good format can come from any creator in any territory.  Whatever the size of your company, Frapa is here to support and guide you, help protecting your IP in this crucially exciting and expanding part of the television business.

 Michael Schmidt

Michael Schmidt

Gotham Grit
Board member since April 2015

Hayley Babcock

A+E Networks

Board Member since november 2017

“The continued production of formats highlights the lucrative potential in them. Because legal protection does not lie in one simple piece of legislation, but in a wide range of intellectual property rights, having an organization like FRAPA help to navigate those rights is invaluable to any format IP owner or distributor.


Jin Woo Hwang

Something Special

Board Member since november 2017

“Believing formats as the next chapter of the globalized content business, it requires knowledge, experience, and serious people. FRAPA is the guiding light to anyone who believes in this business.”


Ricardo Ehrsam

Maluc Entertainment

Board Member since 2013

“The creation of IP it´s the most important and valuable asset for a company and it takes a lot of work to develop it. Players in the industry, most important small players, need to feel protected from piracy and FRAPA is the best and only option to do so.”

FRAPA Ambassadors


Robert Chua

CEO Robert Chua Production House Company The Interactive Channel Co Ltd 

Board member: 2000-2013  Ambassador since 2013

“FRAPA is here to protect the creation of our original formats and we all need to support its work.”

Ute Biernat

Ute Biernat

CEO Grundy Light Entertainment

Lifetime Ambassador April 2015 |

Board member: 2000-2015

“FRAPA means not only formats right protection, but also to develop the format industry and to be connected with key players of the production business. FRAPA can be a friendly bridge to be involved.”

FRAPA Honorary member


David Lyle

1950 – 2017

FRAPA Founders April 2000

Paul Gilbert
David Lyle
Michel Rodrigue
Robert Chua
Ute Biernat
Christoph Fey

Michel Rodrique

FRAPA offices

Visiting address: Gooimeer 4-15 | 1411 DC Naarden | The Netherlands

Agnes van Laar


Samira Bellali

Financial administration