New methodology can prove rip-off formats

For the first time it is possible to answer one of the most contentious questions in format protection — whether one format is a rip off of another — thanks to FRAPA’s latest members-only service.

The FRAPA Analysis Service (FAS), which launches this month employs a combination of expert opinion and bespoke analysis methodology to ascertain whether two formats share sufficient similarities to be considered essentially the same. If this is found to be the case, FRAPA will provide a written a statement in support of what it deems to be the original format. This will serve as strong proof in any subsequent legal case and can be used in court.

The FAS’s judgements are based on FRAPA-developed analysis methodology, overseen by format specialists hand-picked for their experience in all aspects of the global business. The methodology lists all the elements that make up a format, and ranks them in order of importance. By comparing and contrasting these key components, it becomes possible to determine whether one format is a copy of another.

David Lyle, FRAPA founder, board member and President of PACT US said: “Courts of law are unpredictable when it comes to formats and copyright, and are swayed by many different considerations in format disputes. But in the real world, it boils down to a simple question: is one format an unauthorised copy of another? At last, we have found a solution to our industry’s greatest challenge. It’s a milestone moment for FRAPA and everyone who has trusted us with the protection of their IP.”

For more information about the FAS, the terms and conditions, and additional costs, please contact FRAPA:

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About FRAPA:
FRAPA – the Format Recognition and Protection Association — is an international body dedicated to the protection of formats. Established in 2000 by a group of key industry professionals, FRAPA now represents numerous companies from within the television and broadcast industry. Its members include format creators, producers, distributors and broadcasters.

As an independent, non-profit association, FRAPA’s key services include registering format proposals; providing consultation in disputes arising out of claims of format plagiarism; creating guidelines for fair competition; and educating the industry and the law regarding the protection of formats.

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