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International Formats Gold Award

2018: Alex Mahon
2017: Paul Gilbert
2016: Gary Carter
2015: Annie Wegelius
2014: Mark Itkin, William Morris Endeavor
2013: Stephen Lambert, Studio Lambert/All3Media
2012: David Lyle, Fox Reality
2011: Dick de Rijk, creator of gameshow hit Deal or No Deal
2010: Reg Grundy, former CEO of Grundy Television
2009: Peter Bazalgette, former creative director of Endemol Group
2008: Stephen Leahy and Trish Kinane, Ludus Entertainment
2007: Merv Griffin, creator of Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy


C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2018

Best Brand-Driven Format: Old People’s Home For 4 Year-Olds (Red Arrow Studios International)
Best Comedy Format: Did You Get The Message? (Be-Entertainment)
Best Factual Entertainment Format: Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds (Red Arrow Studios International)
Best Multi-Platform Format: Vlogglebox (All3Media International)
Best Scripted Format: Catastrophe (Avalon Distribution)
Best Competition Reality Format: Game of Clones (The Story Lab)
Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format: The Wall (Endemol Shine Group, Glassman Media, Springhill Entertainment, NBCUniversal)
Best Reality Format: One Night With My Ex (Twofour Rights)
Best Host Of A Television Format: Stephen Mangan – The Fake News Show (Hat Trick Productions)

C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2017

Best Brand-Driven Format: Special Delivery (Warner Bros. International Television Production)
Best Comedy Format: Immigrants Guide (All3Media International)
Best Factual Entertainment Format: This Time Next Year (Twofour Rights)
Best Multi-Platform Format: Stupid Man, Smart Phone (BBC Worldwide)
Best Scripted Format: The A Word (Keshet International)
Best Competition Reality Format: Get The F*ck Out Of My House (FremantleMedia)
Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format: Doctors Vs Internet (Magnify Media)
Best Reality Format: 60 Days In (A+E Networks)
Best Host of a Television Format: Alec Baldwin – Match Game (FremantleMedia)

C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2016

Best Brand-Driven Format: The Outlet Challenge (DRG)
Best Comedy Format: Lip Sync Battle
Best Factual Entertainment Format: The Secret Life Of 4 Year Olds (Zodiak Rights)
Best Multi-Platform Format: The Last Hours of Laura K
Best Scripted Format: The Last Cop (Red Arrow International)
Best Competition Reality Format: Bear Grylls: Mission Survive
Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format: You’re Back In The Room (BBC Worldwide)
Best Host of a Television Format: Bear Grylls: Mission Survive – Bear Grylls (Electus)

C21/FRAPA Format Awards winners: 2015

Best Brand-Driven Format: BFF (Banijay International)
Best Comedy Format: …And The Rest Is History (The New Flemish Primitives)
Best Factual Entertainment Format: 24 Hours In Police Custody (ITV Studios Global Entertainment)
Best Multi-Platform Format: The Secret Life Of Students (ITV Studios Global Entertainment)
Best Scripted Format: Jane The Virgin (Electus International)
Best Competition Reality Format: Adam Looking For Eve (Warner Brothers International Television Production)
Best Studio-Based Gameshow Format: My Mum Cooks Better Than Yours (FremantleMedia International)
Best Host of a Television Format: Adam Richman – Food Fighters (Electus International)

C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2013

Best brand-driven format: Be the Boss (All3Media International)
Best comedy format: Hotel Zimmerfrei (from Nordic World)
Best factual entertainment format: Googlebox (All3Media International)
Best multi-platform format: Pissed Off (ITV Studios)
Best scripted format: It’s a Date (ABC Commercial)
Best competition reality format: Mentor (Banijay International)
Best studio-based game show format: Take on the Twisters (ITV Studios)

C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2011

Best Competition Reality Format: The Voice (Talpa Distribution)
Best Comedy Format: Wall of Fame (Hat Trick International)
Best Multiplatform Format: The Only Way is Essex (All3Media International)
Best Factual Entertainment: Angels of Reality from (Can’t Stop Media)
Best Studio-based Gameshow: Epic Win (BBC Worldwide)
Best Scripted Format: Friday Night Dinner (BBC Worldwide)
Best Brand-generated Format: nPower: What’s Ypur Goal? (North One Television)
IFY Gold Medal Award: Dick de Rijk

C21/FRAPA Format Award winners: 2010

Best Competition Reality Format: Three in a Bed (All3Media)
Best Comedy Format: Benidorm Bastards (SevenOne International)
Best Multiplatform Format: Final Punishment (beActive Entertainment)
Best Factual Entertainment: The Fairy Jobmother (All3Media)
Best Studio-based Gameshow: Minute to Win (NBC Universal)
Best Scripted Format: Ezel (Sparks Networks)
Best Brand-generated Format: HP Space (ice-TV)
IFA Gold Medal Award: Reg Grundy

C21/FRAPA Format Awards: 2009

Best Competition Reality Format: Relentless (Zig Zag Productions)
Best Comedy Format: I Get That a Lot (CBS Studios International)
Best Multi-screen Format: Married on MySpace (Endemol)
Best Observational Documentary Format: Undercover Boss (All3Media International)
Best Gameshow: Pretty Smart (Talpa Distribution)
Best Scripted Format: Being Erica (BBC Worldwide/Temple Street)
IFA Gold Medal Award: Peter Bazalgette

C21/FRAPA Format Awards: 2008

Best Factual Entertainment Show: Born to be Wild (Zodiak)
Best Competition Reality Show: Make it Short (Distraction Formats)
Best Multi-screen/Future Media Format: The Cell (Endemol)
Best Studio-based Gameshow: The Encounter (Sera Film Services)
Best Sketch Comedy: Headcases (ITV Global Entertainment)
Best Scripted Format: El Cartel (Caracol TV)
IFA Gold Medal: Stephen Leahy and Trish Kinane

C21/FRAPA Format Awards: 2007

Best Factual Entertainment Show: Wasted (Fumes)
Best Entertainment Reality Show: Just the Two of Us (BBC Worldwide)
Best Multi-screen/Future Media Format: 40 Weeks (Magyx)
Best Studio-based Gameshow: 8 out of 10 Cats (Zeppotron)
Best Sketch Comedy: Spoons (Endemol)
Best Scripted Format: Serial Frank (Distraction Formats)
Best Competition Reality Show: Ladette to Lady (RDF Rights)
IFA Gold Medal: Merv Griffin

FRAPA Format Awards: 2006

Best Gameshow: Deal or No Deal (Endemol)
Best Reality Format: The Biggest Loser (Reveille Productions)
Best Scripted Format: The Nanny (Sony Pictures International)

FRAPA Format Awards: 2005

Best Gameshow: Test the Nation (Eyeworks)
Best Reality Format: The Apprentice (Mark Burnett Productions)
Best Scripted Format: Ladykracher (Brainpool Productions)

FRAPA Format Awards Winners: 2004

Best Gameshow: Who Wants to Be a Millionaire (Celador)
Best Reality Format: Wife Swap (RDF Right)
Best Scripted Format: Love Bugs (Distraction Formats)

FRAPA Format Awards Winners: 2003

International Format of the Year: The Price is Right
Special Award 2003: Reg Grundy